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allspelAll Musicians are urged to join in the Midsommarfest Allspell on the Main Stage at 3:30-4:00 PM



Come one, come all to the largest outdoor allspel of the year! That’s right—it’s time to bust out some great tunes in a large group. This year, the allspel will be led by Martha Levenson and Kerstin Westerlund. Kerstin has been performing in the Seattle Lilla Spelmanslag, but is graduating this year. Martha will be working with her on her leadership skills, and will support Kerstin in leading several tunes from the list.

In the list, you will find the Allspel CD number in Roman numerals, followed by the track number. The exception is the Røros Pols, Funesdalingen. For this tune, you will find a recording posted on the Skandia website. The list is not in set order; the order will be determined in early June.

Questions? Please contact Martha Levenson, at

Click here to Play Funesdalingen MP3. Right click on link and select "Select Link As" to download MP3 to your computer.