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First and Third Fridays of each month
TIME:: Teaching 7:30 - 8:30, Open dancing 8:30 - 11:00
LOCATION: Cedar Valley Grange, 20526-52nd Ave. West, Lynnwood Yahoo Map

Skandia members, $10; nonmembers, $15; kids, free


Midsommarfest is just around the corner, and the June dance parties are perfect for polishing up some dance skills and enjoying fantastic live music in the process! Come to the Cedar Valley Grange from 8:30 to 11 p.m. for a lively time with great folks!

First Friday Dance, June 3

Folk Voice Band (Birgit and Phil Ages, Vickie Brodine, Sarah Funk, Jim Noyes, Bob Schaefer, and Laurel Stone) will bring you a wonderful variety of cheerful dances, with a great blend of instruments. Hamborgar will be taught by Larry Reinert and Kathi Ploeger from 7:30 to 8:30, and the band will make sure you have a chance to dance it later in the evening.

—Leslie Foley

First Friday dance teaching

Kathi Ploeger and Larry Reinert will be teaching a Norwegian polka variation called Hamborgar.

If you know how to dance a regular polka you’ll have a little head start, but there is different svikt pattern to learn. If you don’t already dance polka, you’ll find this an intriguing dance. No special tunes are required, so there are lots of chances to dance this. So come join us for the June Third First Friday dance lesson for a new experience of polka.


Third Friday Dance, June 17

Put some bows on your shoes! We will have an hour of Skolkis (Emma Anderson, EJ Landsman, Martha Levenson, and Vicki Watt Warshaw), followed by special guest musician Paul Morrissett, playing his hardingfele for some Norwegian dance favorites, and joining local fiddlers Irene Myers, Bart Brashers, and Martha Levenson for some eastern Dalarna action. There will be plenty of dances for beginning folks, as well! Hambo will be taught by Frank Brown and Elaine Murakami from 7:30 to 8:30, and musicians will make sure there are opportunities to dance it later in the evening.

—Leslie Foley

Third Friday teaching by Frank Brown & Elaine Murakami

The hambo is often considered Sweden’s national dance. This graceful dance in 3/4 time is often played at contra dances on the U.S. west coast. Please invite your contra dance friends to attend this short class for an introduction and practice of this dance.

In Sweden, there is an annual hambo competition called the Halsingehambo. Here is a link to recent competitions where you can see our friends, David and Mikael Eriksson (in white pants) dance:

For more information, please read this description by Gordon Tracie, the founder of Skandia, prepapred for the College of the Pacific (Stockton) Folk Dance Camp: http:// on_dancing_teaching_hambo_tracie.htm

—Frank Brown and Elaine Murakami

Grammy winner & Skolkis to play at Third Friday dance!

On Friday, June 17, phenomenal musician Paul Morrisett will share the evening program with Seattle’s talented Skolkis for a night of unforgettable music. Dance teaching starts at 7:30, with Elaine Murakami and Frank Brown teaching hambo. Dancing follows from 8:30 until 11 p.m. Admission is $10 for Skandia members; $15 for nonmembers.

I had the pleasure of dancing to Paul’s amazing music at a week-long camp years ago, and swore I would try to bring him to Seattle. This year, as a congratulation from me to Jerry Walsh on his retirement, the timing was perfect. Paul, who will be in San Francisco in mid June, has agreed to fly up for the dance and head back early the next morning.

Morrissett is a master of many instruments, and in my opinion, one of the best Scandinavian dance musicians in the U.S. The following biography, courtesy of Scandia Camp Mendocino’s Web site, highlights his accomplishments:

“A multi-instrument folk musician for 30 years, Paul has nurtured his interest in Scandinavian music since 1984, and discovered his passion for the Norwegian hardingfele in 1986. He has made numerous trips to Norway to study with master fiddlers. While specializing in the music of Telemark, his repertoire includes tunes from all hardingfele tradition areas.

A New Jersey resident, Paul has taught and played fiddle and hardingfele at Scandinavian and international dance and music workshops across the country, including Hardanger Fiddle Assoc. of America, Mendocino Scandia and Folklore Camps, Nordic Fiddles and Feet, Ashokan Northern Week, Buffalo on the Danube, and Dance Flurry. Paul enjoys playing for Scandinavian, contra, and English Country dances, and is known as a driving, spirited dance fiddler. By ‘day,’ Paul is a founding member of the Grammy Award- winning klezmer band “The Klezmatics,” performing worldwide and appearing on dozens of recordings. In 2007, they won a Grammy for Best Contemporary World Music Album.”

The evening will have a good mix of bygdedans and gammaldans, with something for everyone. Skolkis, as always, promises a high-energy set with great harmonies and plenty of spirit. Please spread the word about this special evening.

—Judy Patterson


Driving directions to Cedar Valley Grange.....
From I-5, take exit 179 (northbound or southbound). Drive east on 220th to the stop sign at 52nd, then a short mile north to the Cedar Valley Grange on your left.
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Fifth Saturday Dance

No dance is currently scheduled.