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Springleik at Springdans

Our teachers this year come from a side valley in Norway’s Gudbrandsdal area, so this is your chance to learn a new take on this soulful dance and music—long a favorite in the Northwest. The dancers come strongly recommended, and have won the Kongepokal at Norway’s Landeskappleik (just about the highest honor available for Norwegian folk dance and music). We also have two hot young fiddlers—brothers—lined up. They grew up playing this regional style and are now pursuing professional careers in music. One particularly likes jazz, which should make for some interesting harmonies.

Dancers, get your applications in! There’s still room for lead dancers, and for couples applying together. There will probably be a waiting list for single women, but you’re encouraged to apply ASAP to get your name in early. Musicians: we’ll try to alternate teaching levels in the music classes, and our daily allspels and evening jam sessions are open to all.

—Peter Michaelsen


Update: Don’t miss out on this great weekend with our Norwegian teachers from Gudbrandsdal, Norway. There is room for musicians and may be room for men. There is a waiting list for couples and women. Deadline for applications was February 15. Contact to inquire about availability.

—Kathi Ploeger

Nyckelharpa at Springdans

We’re happy to have nyckelharpa instruction back again at Springdans, this year featuring our own Bart Brashers.

Founder and longtime president of the American Nyckelharpa Association, Bart is known for his enthusiasm, his clear teaching, and his expressive playing: very much tradition-based, but with an ear for the newer directions the instrument is taking. (I believe Bart was also Väsen’s first outspoken fan in the U.S.) If there’s interest, Bart will teach two levels of classes.

Programs like this really enrich Springdans and our music and dance community. Thank you, Bart!

—Peter Michaelsen


Springdans application available

Download the application

The application for Springdans 2016 is available here and is also enclosed with the November newsletter. Applications and full payment are due by February 15, 2016.

Springdans NW features Springleik fra Dovre, taught by Anne-Grete and Rolf Bjørgan, Norwegian dance teachers known for their skill and graceful dancing. Fiddlers Hans and Rasmus Kjorstad, rising stars among Norwegian tradition bearers, will teach and play for dancing.



Springdans Scholarship for 2016 – apply before February 15

The Springdans committee is pleased to announce a scholarship for 2016 Springdans Northwest.  The scholarship covers full tuition (includes room and board), video recording, t-shirt, and Friday dinner. 

Applicants must be current Skandia members living in Western Washington.  Scholarship is based on financial need, so it offers a great opportunity to dancers and/or musicians who are thinking about Springdans but don’t feel they can afford it.  Prior recipients are welcome to apply.

The donor has requested to remain anonymous.  In order to maintain the confidentiality of all parties, applicants should not discuss their application or their intent to apply with anyone outside the Springdans committee. 

Interested dancers and/or musicians should send a short note with reasons they should be considered for the scholarship.  This submission must be received by February 15, 2015.  Send via email to or surface mail to Springdans Scholarship c/o Ploeger-Meyers, 7016 17th Ave NW, Seattle, WA  98117-5550.

Note:  Because admission is based on postmark of registration, scholarship applicants should submit a registration form as soon as possible to reserve a spot.

To our benefactor, thank you!

Kathi Ploeger, Don Meyers, Jerry Walsh, Judy Patterson, Peter Michaelsen
Springdans Northwest Committee