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It’s coming—Skandia’s 25th Springdans Northwest!
April 14-17, 2017

2017 Springdans Application Form

Springdans Northwest will revisit Jämtland, the focus of our very first camp. The province is rich in dance traditions, from graceful and lilting to the kick-up-your-heels dances of Föllinge.

Teaching will be two Swedish dance experts and four fine Jämtland musicians. Each musician is hugely talented, and together, they are a force. Three are riksspelman, or “fiddlers of the realm,” who earned their national titles for their fine playing.

Join us for great dance music, played not only on fiddles, but also on accordion and bass. For now, save the dates.

Applications are linked above. For more details about our visitors, email me at

—Judy Patterson
(for The Springdans Committee)

Springdans Northwest 2017

Applications have been pouring in for the 25th Springdans Northwest. This weekend dance workshop happens April 14–17 in Seabeck, WA, and features well-known dance teachers and musicians from Sweden, with a focus on the music and dances from the province of Jämtland.

As the newsletter goes to press, there is room for male/lead dancers and musicians. There is a waiting list for women and for couples. Applications are accepted (or added to the waiting list) according to postmark, so apply now, and don’t miss out on this historic event!

—Kathi Ploeger

2017 Springdans scholarship: Apply before January 15

The Springdans committee is pleased to announce a scholarship for 2017 Springdans Northwest. The scholarship covers full tuition (includes room and board), video recording, t-shirt, and Friday dinner.

Applicants must be current Skandia members living in Western Washington. The scholarship is based on financial need, so it offers a great opportunity to dancers and/or musicians who are thinking about Springdans but don’t feel they can afford it. Prior recipients are welcome to apply.

The donor has requested to remain anonymous. In order to maintain the confidentiality of all parties, applicants should not discuss their application or their intent to apply with anyone outside the Springdans committee.

Interested dancers and/or musicians should send a short note with reasons they should be considered for the scholarship. This submission must be received by January 15, 2017. Send via email to or surface mail to Springdans Scholarship c/o Ploeger- Meyers, 7016 17th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117-5550.

Note: Because admission is based on postmark of registration, scholarship applicants should submit a registration form as soon as possible to reserve a spot.

To our benefactor, thank you!

—Kathi Ploeger, Don Meyers, Jerry Walsh,
Judy Patterson, Peter Michaelsen
Springdans Northwest Committee