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Looking forward to September

Kick off September with the hot music from Sweden’s wild west—Western Dalarna! We are lucky to have Johan Holland, from Malung, Sweden, joining us to share his music in workshops and at dances. Johan will play at the first Friday dance on September 5, and will give two workshops at the Northwest Spelmänsstämma, Saturday, September 6. Johan is a recipient of the Tällberg Foundation Scholarship, which enables his travel to the U.S.

The Tällberg Foundation is a Swedish nonprofit organization that promotes free and open exchange of ideas and experiences. Established in 1981, the Foundation awards one scholarship per year to a young musician from Dalarna. The scholarship is specifically to finance travel to the U.S., where the recipient has the opportunity to meet and play music with Swedish-American folk musicians. Johan was awarded the scholarship in 2009, but because of educational and work-related commitments, has not been able to travel to the U.S. until this autumn.

Johan grew up in the tiny hamlet of Malungsfors, and started playing the violin when he was eight. He joined the Malung Spelmanslag when he was just 13, and has continued to play exclusively folk music. He spent a year at the Falun Conservatory of Music, immersing himself in the music of Dalarna and other lands, following a world music concentration. In the same year, he also won the coveted Pål Olle Scholarship. This year, Johan took the year-long course at the Malungs Folkhögskola with renowned fiddler and pedagog Jonny Soling, and led the Malung Lilla

This will be Johan’s first experience in the U.S., and he will be traveling to the San Francisco area and to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, as well as being in Seattle. About his music and the opportunity to share it, Johan said, “What I like most about playing the fiddle is meeting other musicians and making music together. I meet many interesting and talented people that I would not otherwise meet!”

Mark your calendars for September 5 and 6, and come out to hear this fine young musician!

—Martha Levenson

NW Spelmansstämma 2014

The 2014 Northwest Spelmansstämma is coming right up, on Saturday, September 6, at the home of Jim and Margaret Noyes in Clearview. There is a fabulous day in store for you. Our guest is Johan Holland, Malung fiddler and winner of the Tällberg Scholarship, who will be teaching driving tunes from Western Dalarna. Johan grew up in the small hamlet of Malungsfors, and has studied the folk music of Dalarna at such renowned institutions as the Falun Conservatory of Music and the Malungs Folkhögskola.

This year’s stämma will also offer workshops for accordion and nyckelharpa, a session on Norwegian Gammaldans with Peter Michaelsen, and a slower music session with Kris Johansson. And of course, if you’d like to dance, we have a wonderful 2-block dance workshop planned. Jerry Walsh and Judy Patterson will be teaching Malungspolska: a great opportunity to learn this dance, as you will have a chance to practice in the evening, when Johan will play for dancing.

We ask a donation of $15 for participation in the festivities, which kick off at 1 p.m.

Workshops are followed by a potluck supper; please plan to bring a dish to share that will serve 10–12 people. Open dancing with live music will begin around 7 p.m.

If you are willing to volunteer with a short and simple task, such as setting up snacks for a break, please contact Emma Anderson at

Directions to the Noyes home:
Jim and Margaret’s place is located at 6618 196th St. SE in Clearview (Woodinville/Snohomish/Maltby area). Their phone number is (425) 482-9848.

From I-405 north: Get off on Highway 522 going east toward Woodinville/ Monroe. Take the 3rd exit (Hwy. 9) going north. Pass Maltby Rd. and turn left on 188th SE. Next, go left on 67th and then right on 196th. It is the first driveway on the left.

Coming south on I-5: Get onto Hwy. 9 headed south. Pass Snohomish and Clearview. Turn right on 188th SE, then turn left on 67th, then turn right on 196th. It is the first driveway on the left.


Accordions and More: Birgit Ages
Musician’s Workshop: Johan Holland
Coffee Break
Dance: Malungspolska, Jerry Walsh and Judy Patterson with music by Martha Levenson
Norwegian Gammaldans: Peter Michaelsen
Nyckelharpa: Bart Brashers


Coffee Break
Dance: Malungspolska, Jerry Walsh and Judy Patterson with music by Peter Michaelsen
Musician’s Workshop: Johan Holland
Music at a Slower Pace: Kris Johansson

Potluck supper; We appreciate your careful labeling of your dish, especially if it contains eggs, nuts, legumes or shellfish

Open dancing starts

—Martha Levenson