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From the Skandia Folkdance Society By-Laws...

Article II - Status and Purposes.....

Section 2. Objects and Purposes. The primary objective and purpose of Skandia Folkdance Society shall be to document and preserve the traditional dances and music of the Nordic lands (namely, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden); to conduct educational programs
and activities that will promulgate knowledge of and promote interest in these art forms; to provide competent instruction in traditional Nordic dancing; and to foster the use of authentic Nordic music, both live and recorded, in all Society activities.

Article V - Board of Trustees
Section 1. Authority. Stewardship of the educational and cultural operations and the management and administration of the operational and financial affairs of Skandia Folkdance Society shall be vested in a Board of Trustees, charged with the responsibility for seeing that the Society's status as described in Article II, Section 1, is adhered to in all respects.

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Did you know that Skandia By-laws (Article 3.a.) provides for honorary life membership?

Honorary life membership, which may be conferred upon any Skandia Folkdance Society member of at least ten years’ cumulative standing, who has performed continual or extraordinary service to the Society, as determined and voted upon by the Board of Trustees. Board meeting minutes shall state the qualifications of the member for said award. No more than two honorary life memberships may be conferred for any one-year period. Each honorary life member shall have the right to vote, but shall be exempt from payment of annual dues and regular class fees. This exemption does not apply to special workshops, such as the Skandia Ball, Vinterdansen, and Springdans Northwest. For such events, honorary life members must pay all applicable fees.

Over the years, Skandia has awarded this honor to members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Let us celebrate the extraordinary contributions of:

Al Alleman David J. Lamb Kathi Ploeger
Anders Anderssen Mary Lamb Larry Reinert
Art Andrews Jan Lamers Barbara Sacksteder
Grace Andrews Chris Lenker Richard Sacksteder
Eric Beck GayLord Lenker Fiddlin John Sears
Bill Boyd Paul Mathisen William Simpson
Regina Boyd Don Meyers Arne Svensson
Kaare Erga Mary Mohler Frank Swant
Betty Falk Arthur W. C. Nation Jennifer Swant
Carl G. Falk Judy Patterson Jerry Walsh
Ove Gullin Hank Pettit Leone Wing
Arthur Hare Ernie Pi  
Bud Johnson Patricia L. Pi